Santa baby...

Christmas is about family, Jesus, and celebrating the end of another year. Camping outside of the Wal-mart for 8 and a half days, surviving only on frozen maple syrup and Tim Hortons Coffee, I was in the best of holiday spirit.  Skipping down the isles, whistling "Wish you a Merry Christmas",  I experienced an overwhelming burst of what I believe to be the true meaning of the season.  The undeniable urge to consume.  In particular, the want to purchase everyone here at EBW something.    I maxed out 4 credit cards - so if you don't like what I bought you, let me know so I can return it before the next bill comes in... which is before x-mas so...

I got....

MrsSquirtleJeans - a Twilght embroidery kit.
Boomshakalaka - Photoshop CS5
Letemdangle - Gold plated floor vent cover (plus filters)
trizza4show - Most of a brand new pack of blunt wraps and half-ounce
RJM - One of those body scanners they use at the airport
deevo25 - my touque
sparks158 - Bag of milk, and special pitcher for it
rednote67 - Top of the line laser inventory scanner
strghtjcktgrl - 26'er of Absinthe, and a year's subscription to Life Alert
MemphisT56 - a "private" user video submission
UCM - My real email address
furrypissflaps - a webcam
drgorgeous73 - $100 gift certificate for a Defense Attorney, and a Smooth Away with "mini buffer pads for the sensitive areas".
DeunanKnute - strghtjcktgrl's phone number, and pallet of ramen noodles
killerisme107- A kitten calendar for 2010
Majorfathead - A certificate for dinner for two at a restaurant of you or what's-her-face's choosing.
MrsNekoJeans - Ointment for that thing you told me about (I won't tell anyone I promise)
Mizuka - 8 inch wide butt plug with a 2 foot length of rope for retrieval... it might work
shezagodds - The long lost cure for writter's block- just kidding... I  got you some weed too.
frogbob -  A whore... I just wanted to see what you'd turn into
noigraud - One way ticket to Canada
milestyles55 -  Box of Cubans and a 6 pack of Canadian Beer
White_Chocolate - Flesh light and Justin Beiber's latest CD (that should keep ya busy for a while)
Dawntheif - Spyware removal software
Necronomicon -  A crucifix
Tomlet - Chalk for work... I wouldn't of been so cheap if you shared some of that "medicine" with me
ravensong - make up kit with instructions
laptopia - "who really cares?"
volcomisnewshit - ... sorry I completely forgot about you.
Hakik - 1000 "I was at Sexy Day 2010" T-Shirts and Mardi Gra beads.

...................and last but certainly not least;

  My imaginary Bf - 2 years of WOW subscription and 100 Wow gold.


Happy fucking Ho Ho everyone. 

Uploaded 12/12/2010
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