Santa Claus vs. Big Pimpin'

First of all, how shitty is the new video format we've got?  It's profoundly bad.


I'm not trying to come across like poopy or anything, but I just needed to comment on the social issues I saw in this video.


We've got Santa Claus riding the bus, talking to some Big Pimpin' guy.  Apparently there is some kind of social issue related to shining shoes and tensions start to run high.  Santa is clearly pissed about the misunderstanding and (although running his mouth) retires to the front of the bus.

Notice the peanut gallery egging Big Pimpin' on.  They're not involved in the altercation, but have to egg it on.  Big Pimpin' feels compelled to pursue the issue to the front of the bus and start shit with an old man who could quite possibly be Santa.  Big Pimpin' has mistaken Santa for a victim.

At the first sign of violence, Santa smacks the shit out of Big Pimpin' and reduces him to a cowering, face protecting bitch on the floor of the bus.  Santa leaves the bus even though he feels he was justified in his actions, forgetting his groceries.

His bag is promptly scooped up by the lowlife with the camera who tells Big Pimpin' that charges can be pressed on Santa due to the video (even though Big Pimpin' was clearly asking for the beating and the camera operator has committed larceny).

Then Big Pimpin' suggests that they "bring the ambalamps" gushing blood out of his broken nose.  He still, however, takes the position that he will kill Santa if he returns.

How can the bag thief assume that the law will be on his side?  How can Big Pimpin' continue to try to act cool after getting busted up by Santa Claus?  How can Big Pimpin' think he needs an "ambalamps" to care for the broken nose he was asking for?  With my platinum package health insurance, an ambulance ride would cost me hundreds unless I was admitted to the hospital.  Why couldn't there have been a cannibal murderer on this bus like the one that killed that nice Canadian man a couple years ago?


Here's the youtube link so you don't have to watch the putrid video on this website:

Uploaded 02/20/2010
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