Sarah Palin....

Ok, so to start off, I am not trying to start a fire storm or get people running every slander and swear word towards me, but I need to say a few words about Sarah Palin. I will not reveal who I am voting for, nor should it matter. 

To start off, I agreed with John McCain about the lack of experience on Barak Obama's side. But to pick a woman has been the governor of a state whos entire population is smaller than many of our major cities. Prior to that, she was mayor of about 8,000 people. Thats It....

Then there is the matter of the relationship between the president and vice president. Do you feel it is an important one. One where maybe chemistry and history plays a role? McCain met Sarah Palin once in a meeting, then the next time they spoke, he called her about being the vice president. Thats It...

Then there is the fact that she has ZERO national and international experience, both important, and very broad aspects of any high level Washington political position. Pretty sure Russia and more importantly China, are superpowers, one of which controls an unreal amount of our money. 

Then there are the issues of funding a campain for aerial "hunting," which is no more than chasing an animal until it cant run anymore from a helicopter, then shooting it up close when it is exhausted. And lets not forget about "The Bridge/Road to Nowhere" in which she wasted so much god damn money on a ridiculous project. The list goes on but these are the points I have the most curiosity on.

I will tell you I am probably one of the few undecided votes out there, and one who grew up in a non-partisian household. Please feel free to share any views you have about Palin or the Presidential Race in general. I love to hear every side of the story/opinion. And welcome many debates/discussions on this or any topic. Its an important time for our lives, county and economy.




Uploaded 09/29/2008
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