Sarcasm - a Difficult Word For Some People Here

There's a lot of people here that obviously don't realize it's a humor webpage. It's main target are obviously teenagers who laugh at people getting their faces smashed falling off of bicycles or skateboards. You can tell that from what is being featured here and what gets the most views. But the blog section is different. There's people here I respect, who have a wonderful sense of humor - MrsNekoJeans, Frogbob or Garadain. But there's also people who act like they still have highschool mentality, trying to act cool in the eyes of others and get butthurt whenever they get verbally owned by the people who treat them as stooges here.

That's the thing you don't understand. There's a few people who might care about your achievements, what movies you like or what music you listen to, but if you look at the number of views and comments blogs get, you'll know what I'm talking about. The battle blogs get the most attention. The funny thing is how obsessed some trolls (I guess that's the proper term for the misfits here) get with bloggers like MrsNekoJeans or Fetismo. The likes of Letemdangle, Rin, Rednote67 or Tyaeda are going to get on their alts and thumb down everybody who they consider a threat. I've watched their pathetic behavior here and it resembles a 13-year old's drama.

Letemdangle sucking up to Cooldude with his "great blogs. 5 stars." comments is just a disgusting, two-faced sleezeball, attempting to gain friends by toady. Rin trying too hard to fit in, with her low comedy racism and alts. Rednote67 threatening other people to use their personal information. Tyaeda starting dramas and later writing about how they affect her. Are you people serious? You're on a humor website. It's for people who enjoy a laugh. You have no idea how entertaining it is to watch you squeal when confronted with users who use their brain properly.

Another thing that's hilarious is that when I made one of the dramatic dorks mad, they started to look up information about me. They took it as a given that I'm a DnD geek. If they ever went to the comment chat and knew the meaning of the word "comedy" and "sarcasm", they would learn that I also claim to be a pigeon.

Continue to bring me entertainment with your ignorance and lack of life. Thank you for that, town fools of Ebaumsworld.



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