Satanists Are Faggots

There's been a lot of bull shit blogs about religion spamming this section recently. As much as I think that there should be freedom of speech and belief, advertising shit like satanic bible is just gay. Why? You remember the guys in your high school who kept wearing those sweaty metallica t-shirts, listening to loud devil's music? Those are the people who read that shit.

I know Tyeada might think she's "hardcore" because she's such a satanist, but the fact is - all satanists are a bunch of loser fags. They don't fit in and act like they don't want to be part of the cool kids and that they're so dangerous. Ooooh, I'm shaking, there's a fat loser in a Black Sabbath backpack trying to cast a curse on me for calling him Jabba The Hut. I'm so scared of your wiccan magic, satanist girl! Why don't you ease up on that mascara and send some of it to needy emo kids in Bosnia.

What, you still think you're the cool kids? Let me break this up for you on an example. The satan worshiper Tyaeda is a high school drop out. She's uneducated. I bet she wasn't liked by her peers. That's when she thought that she should read the satans bible and learn to cast some spells on the mean cheerleaders who laughed at her every day. She loved the devil so much, that she became a welder. The hot shipwright and the steam coming from ships, the smell of sweat - that's so satanic.

Now tell me... that's what you think is cool? Is it, demon child? I don't thinks so. Now get that devil-worshiping trash out of my blogs section. You should burn on a stake, witch.
Uploaded 04/14/2011
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