Saturday Night Partying! YAH!

So it's Saturday night and we've all decided to go out! YAH! Redbull Vodka for me! I'm sure at this point you've begun to think "Is Jimmy drunk?" The answer is YES. I AM! HEAVANS YES! So, we decided to head out to Club Tokio. The place looked like it had burned down. Turns out it's just under reconstruction (renovation).

We ended up waiting in line at some random club at 1:30 AM and left when we realized that it was retarded to wait at 1:30 AM and pay $20 to get in when it's probably past last call. So we headed over to Big Wangs and turns out that they had their last call at like 1:15 or some crap like that.... Stupid...

Anyway, now we're home and having a lil house party which is pretty cool. I spent $40 on 3 drinks and looking foward to not spending more... Good lord it can be expensive to party... Anyway $40 isn't much (depending on what you're spending it on) but for $40 I could probably make the same drinks and have those drinks every night for a week... Whatever...

Anyway, the real problem is that I spent close to about $300 tonight when rents due tomarrow... I can still make rent but I'll probably be slightly behind on other bills. There's a chance that I won't be behind but there's always that small chance that I might be behind... Anyway, I guess I might have to just work a lil more... btw when I say work a lil more I mean upload some better media that get's featured so that I can get a mini or a mustang. I don't really like either of those cars but if I were to re-sell them it could be a good chunk of change... It would be sweet if this blog got featured. I should name it "Drunken Idiot" LMAO!

Tonight our cab driver told us he hated wite people (I'm half white). My room-mate and girlfriend were a lil offended. But they were too drunk to defend themselves... LOL. Anyway... I'm gunna look for news on club tokio to see if it's really being rebuild or if it burnt down or whatever... I should stop now before I start miss-spelling a bunch of crap... if I haven't already. JIMMY - OUTTY 5000 FO SHO. YEEEEEEEHAW!!! I love you guys! FEATURE THIS AND DO IT NOW! I WANT THE WORLD TO KNOW THAT I WAS PARTYING TONIGHT AND EVERYTHING ELSE I SAID! I'll feel like a total tard tomarrow when I see this... L8ER SK8ER Master B8ER Allig8ER T8ER TOT Darth V8ER etc. etc.

Uploaded 06/01/2008
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