Save me from Hell!!!






I’ve really been struggling with this lately and I want someone to help me believe. Well on second thought I don’t know if I want to believe because if I do believe in God then I have to believe there’s some prick living in the sky that says if I don’t worship his ass he will throw me in the furnace forever… but he loves me? Yeah ok.. Love you too God… Well anyways here are some areas of religion I’m having problems with.

God has a plan for everything, It was god’s will. I hear this shit all the time. So if someone gets murdered on the streets people say it was all part of gods plan it was there time to go, So god always knew that this person was going to get murdered that day? He has a reason for it? That person was expendable so that Gods master plan could work… our brains just can’t understand the complexity of this brilliant plan, But it’s ok because there in a better place right? What about the murderer he’s going to hell now because he committed this evil sin, but it was part of Gods plan for him to commit this sin so he was pretty much fucked from the get go I guess, but he had free will. If everyone has free will then it wasn’t Gods will, or his plan unless he already knows what were going to do and plans accordingly but if he already knows then it’s predetermined and it’s not free will right? Wait I just confused the hell out of myself. None of this makes since to me that’s why writing this. I want answers.

Church. I don’t like church for many reasons, First of all there just a business trying to make money. I understand they have to keep the lights on but every church I go too passes the collection plate around 3 times in 1 service do they not trust people to give what they can the first time or are they trying to guilt people into giving more? Most preachers don’t have day jobs but they wear fancy suits and rolex’s and they drive Cadillac’s, come on now tell me were not buying that shit for them.

I hate how everyone act’s in church. Everyone has to dress up and be on there best behavior. For who? God? God sees us all the time he knows how we really are. So I guess it’s just a front people put on for all the fellow church goers, but why there all good Christians there not going to judge us.. Right? I just don‘t understand why everyone at church is so fake.

You know I really doubt there’s ever been a guy standing at the pearly gates with St. Peter telling him “You almost made it in but remember that time in 1997 when you came to church hungover with a metallica shirt on? Umm.. Yeah have fun in hell buddy.”

A husband and wife never had sex and she gets pregnant in a time when they would kill a woman for adultery so she say’s “ummmm…. An angel came in my room… Yeah that‘s it.. It‘s Gods baby….yeah” and everyone believes her? Something smells little fishy here. This isn’t the only part of the bible that sounds like bullshit to me, just an example. There are many more.

Well I’m tired so that’s it. Read it and judge me… tell me I’m going to hell and I write like a 5th grader, or help me understand this shit.

Uploaded 09/26/2008
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