Say no to Exploiting women on the internet.

I feel strongly that now more then ever, women are being objectified and demoralized in the media, and just about everywhere! We are in the dark ages. The dark ages of oversexualization in society.....

How would you feel about your Mother or you sister in a "Real girls" gallery, for all the pimple faced rejects of Ebaumsworld to objectify and masturbate to? And when I say pimple faced, I also mean "degenarate", "moron", "imbecile", etc. I digress.......Little girls are dancing to Beyonce videos, going to tanning salons, worrying about being fat, younger and younger. Is THIS what we want to teach them? Be vain for your entire life so people will like you? NO, we need this to stop. We need to take charge of this, one step at a time. Before its too late, and the world is full of STDS and pregnant 12 year olds..

We need to start this revolution VIA Ebaumsworld!TAKE DOWN the real girl galleries. TAKE DOWN the ads with scantily clad girls in them.

Male misogyny is one of the single most evil things in this world, it drains women of their self respect and values. It tricks them into believing acting promiscuous is positive. When it is not. Say NO to exploiting women on the internet!!


:Furthermore I would like to add im highly aware that taking away these images would highly disgruntle all the greasy,overweight, degenerates that occupate this site, who have the standards of an ape. So i'm not expecting much support, but I am hoping to spread awareness.

Uploaded 06/08/2010
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