SCAM ALERT!!! Federal Job service.



            There is a company that is advertising throughout the country called: FRONTIER PUBLISHING. They claim that they can help you find a Federal job, which is true; they can give you a little advice and HELP you in your search for a Fed job.

First of all you send them $70 and they send you a book that will help you find a government job. Then they say they will send you job leads as often as you want them. You just call them and they will mail you all the jobs you qualify for.

Then if you don’t find a job with in 60 days, you just send the book back along with any rejection letters you get from jobs that you did not get.

Well, a friend of mine signed up for the program. I advised him not to do it, because it sounded like a possible scam.

Any way he got the book and everything else. They even sent him some job leads. But they were not jobs that he would qualify for. They were mostly for things like Doctors and Lawyers and stuff. So he called the phone number in the book to get some different job leads. He called the number in the book to talk with the company and some guy answered the phone and said, “What the hell is this shit? I have been getting calls from all over the country lately about some job program. People usually wanting their money back and some people wanting job leads. This is my personal cell phone. I think you and everyone else have been scammed!”

If you see any similar program in the papers and on the internet, don’t bother wasting your time and money with it. You can get the same type of book at the book stores or at a lot of fed offices. Granted, the book they send you may help you find a job, but the other promises they make you, they will not keep. The books you get at other places are probably better any way!

There are a lot of similar programs out there to.

Uploaded 11/26/2008
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