Scam Email Received Today


Then came stern efforts to command his misery and make the nerves of his face iron.By the log of an ancient tree half buried in dead leaves of past summers, beside a brook, he halted as one who had reached his journeys end. There he discovered he had a companion in Lady Judiths little dog. He gave the friendly animal a pat of recognition, and both were silent in the forest-silence. An oppressive slumber hung about the forest-branches. In the dells and on the heights was the same dead heat. Here where the brook tinkled it was no cool-lipped sound, but metallic, and without the spirit of water. Yonder in a space of moonlight on lush grass, the beams were as white fire to sight and feeling. No haze spread around. The valleys were clear, defined to the shadows of their verges, the distances sharply distinct, and with the colours of day but slightly softened. Richard beheld a roe moving across a slope of sward far out of rifle-mark. The breathless silence was significant, yet the moon shone in a broad blue heaven.
I jest stramed intew the kitchen, chucked my hat intew one corner, my coat intew nother, kicked the cat, cussed the fire, drawed up a chair, and set scaoulin like sixty, bein tew mad for talkin.The young woman that was nussin aunt,--Bewlah Blish, by name,--was a cookin grewel on the coals, and peared tew understan the mess I was in; but she didnt say nothin, only blowed up the fire, fetched me a mug er cider, an went raound so kinder quiet, and sympathizin, that I faound the wrinkles in my temper gettin smoothed aout mazin quick; an fore long I made a clean breast er the hull thing. Bewlah larfed, but I didnt mind her doin ont, for she sez, sez she, real sort o cunnin,-- I was good-natered agin by that time, an I sez, larfin along with her, Waal Ive got three mittens, but I guess I mights waal hev nother, and that will make two pair complete. Say, Bewlah, will yeou hev me? Ef shed up an slapped me in the face, I shouldnt hev ben more throwed aback, fer I never mistrusted she cared two chips for me.

So be aware people, do not response for any kind of emails like that.

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