I usually just click away from those "make money just typing at your computer!" sites, but I was bored so I checked this one out.  It smelled like a scam, like they all do.  I was trying to close the window and a friggin pop-up comes out of nowhere disguised as a person-to-person chat... so I had a little fun.


Alexis Says:Hey Wait! I have been authorised to give you an extra $10 Discount so you can now get started for only $39.95! (Normally $99.95) That's $60 off our original asking price! To take advantage of this one time saving just CLICK HERE

You:you're full of shit.

Alexis Says:OK, I'm going now. If you change your mind CLICK HERE

You:how can i believe you?

Alexis Says:For immediate access to all the information which will teach you exactly, step-by-step, how to make $200 or more every day, filling out simple online forms just CLICK HERE

You:you're a friggin computer.

Alexis Says:You dont need any special computer skills or knowledge to make Data Entry Made Easy work for you. For the One-Time fee of just $39.95 (Normally $99.95) we will show you how. Would you like to get started with a additional $10 Discount? CLICK HERE

You:yup... clever, though. you pick little things from what i type and that dictates your response

Alexis Says:This legitimate home job opportunity has people just like you seeing great results with every single day.

Alexis Says:And today through this chat I can offer you $10 off the already Discounted price... just CLICK HERE

You:I call bull.

Alexis Says:I'm sorry, only our members receive customer support

You:lol I get it– cuz I typed call.

Alexis Says:The only funny thing about this deal is it's ridiculously cheap.

Alexis Says:CLICK HERE to receive all your bonuses.


Alexis Says:Ok that was rude so I am going to go now. If you change your mind CLICK HERE

You:you people are honestly hopeless.

Alexis Says:We offer a 100% risk free satisfaction guarantee. That's how sure we are that the Data Entry Made Easy will work for you.

Alexis Says:So what have you got to lose? To receive $10 off the already reduced price CLICK HERE

You:i can say you're a dum blonnd crakhed and as long as I don't type it right, you'll never know.

Alexis Says:The additional $10 Discount is only available exclusively through this chat today. To take advantage of our lowest price ever CLICK HERE


I figured it'd be good for a laugh.

Uploaded 07/12/2008
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