Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark

If you grew up during the 90s I'm sure you remember these god-forsaken books. Basically they were a collection of the strangest, most fucked up folk tales you've ever heard. Example: A kid is digging in the dirt and he digs up a toe. His first thought is to bring it home to make soup. What the fuck is this shit?

These books also featured art by some fucked up artist, who, to put it simply, was one fucked up artist. If I knew how to put pictures in blogs I would definatly paste it in. Well shit, why not give you a link?


God, just googling this shit brought up some bad memories. Imagine yourself being 9 years old and looking at these pictures!


I remember Harold the most, besides the toe one. The story was that two farmers made a scarecrow named Harold, and sodomized it. Then Harold killed one, skinned him, and wore his flesh. Then he kills the other, too, if I recall. Such great stories for a little kid.


Face it, if you survived these books without being severely mentally damaged, you have got to be the bravest kid to have ever existed.

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