ok so my mom was telling me about her childhood and she was at her dads and the ghost would always bother her brother and sisters and especily her when her dad was gone to work.her brothers would try to scare her with a ghost it was made with sheets and string in the bathroom. so they ran downstairs and would be prepaired to scare her and she gone in thier but the ghost wasent thier and she just gone bathroom.but thier was loud poundings on the wall....BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM.she told them to cut it out and they said they wernt doing that and they all ran outside crying..waiting for their dad to come back..when their dad comes back he'd go in their and scream the devil out of the house...the next day my mom's brother saw a headless ghost going down the stairs and he screamed and the headless ghost flew right threw him and when they got in their he was lying on the floor and they said "whats wrong?!" he told them what happend........the next day it was just my mom in the manson.she just sat in the living room quietly wait for her dad to come back and brothers and sisters...........the tv turned off and on the couch fliped and the evil spirits started screaming their was no way out so she ran to her dads room and coverd in her dads favorite blanket and prayed.everything stoped and this glove just started crawling twards her and she prayed harder and harder and everything was dead silent.........her dad finally got back and she told him everything he was furious with this hous so he ran in their and told the devil to leave the house. it leaved. and after that. the leaved.

Uploaded 01/30/2009
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