Schooling for College?

Have you ever felt like school was pointless? I sure did. I remember people that were completely amazing at sports, but were horrible academicly. I was always very bright, but not the greatest at sports. Oh, I wasn't a nerd, but I felt like they were so kool and I felt like no girls liked me cause I wasn't the best basketball player. Well, college rolled around and I still felt like my quantom physics major wasn't kool at all. I am and was normal, but they were total geeks with me. So after 10 long years of schooling and traveling to London for MIT, I finally graduated. Now I work at home, maybe 50 hours a week, making for 4 million a year with a smoking hot and nice and sweet (not an idiot) wife. And, two happy kids. Why write this? My point is to tell all of you young people that school is tough. And even if your good at sports, academics is way more important. Now I have so much free time to practice basketball, and all the money and anything I want, and I work at home right in the suburb of Boston, MA. So if you want a life like mine, or just want money, follow academics, not athletics. (Unless your about 8'9" and your a black man). I hope this is good advice to high schoolers or college people out there. Yeah, go out and party in college, but make sure your following up on academics. Academics is #1 in life. Don't forget it.


Skyler Henry,

Quantom Physicist for MIT

Uploaded 11/15/2008
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