School's Out, and the World Must Pay

Ok, So I'm like bored as hell right now, and I need the eRep Points, and since people are going around ranting about politics and religion, I feel like adding my two cents. So here goes..

Money is not real, Quit worshipping paper. Money can buy you possesive goods, but thats just about it. Nothing good came out of the whole idea of using currency. especially something as useless as printed paper.

The Government runs the U.S and you! What's "U.S." When it's not used as an abbreviation? It's 'us' and that's exactly what the government is in control of. You work under them, doing their light work, and they give you something as inconsiderate as their stamped paper. You're pretty much sheeple in their eyes.

Religion is BULLSHIT. It's just something people use either as a way to get money, or a lie to prevent violence and whatnot. Those Islamic bastards bombed the Trade Center, simply because they didn't agree with the majority of our Christian and Jewish beliefs. So technically we're over there because of religion, when nearly all religions call for peace. Where's the higher power now, huh? If all these religions were real, everyone would go to Hell because each religion pretty much says that if you don't follow it, you're getting the shit end of the stick when you die. amirite?

America isn't ready for any type of change. Now I support Obama and what he's for in the US Election, but simply, due to the big step backwards us Americans took in Evolution, the racist and prejudiced Americans would definately take action. Meaning Obama would be Assassinated probably within the first week of office.

WW3 is upon us. i have no real proof to back that up, but no one is getting along these days. America's the Alpha Male of the world right now, and just about everyone hates us. Kind of like Britain when they were the big dogs in control. And if World War3 were to happen, we'd probably get our asses hand to us, because the town fool known as George Bush has our country like $9trillion in debt.

There ya have it. My rant's over.

Uploaded 07/02/2008
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