Screw Washington and Colorado

In the words of a great 4th grade racist, "Screw you guys, I am going home". I don't know why Wash. and Col. think they are going to get away with this lealisation of marijuana. It is way too soon and they are pushing their luck. I have lived both states and I can tell you that the last thing they need is legal marijuana. Washington is full of issue protesting liberal blasphemous nuts while Colorado has the rocky mountains and contains nothing but rich,know it all, twatty, dip shits.

I predict the Feds will come hard and strong. they will first go after the medicinal clinics shutting them down for any small infraction. Then the feds will set up a task force to shut down and arrest any caregiver or grower for growing way above their allotment. We all know that the caregiver grow 3 times more than they are supposed to. When the feds put all of these "perverts of crime" away you 2 states will be smoking the nasty ass shwaggy mexican shit bud brought in by the DEA.

Furthermore, when tobacco and drug companies start growing, if they are not already, they will develop a strain that will relieve pain with no body buzz or head buzz. When this is developed we will only have access
Uploaded 11/10/2012
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