Screw you Black Friday

Why do other nations think Americans are slobbishly fat ignorant materialistic douchebags? If you don't know then you better ask somebody, better yet open your eyes unless of course they are swollen shut from stuffing your fat face last night. I have never seen such a disgusting misuse of time and energy than what is becoming the tradition known as Black Friday.

I have never been so embarrassed for a whole entire country in my life. Why are we so obsessed with good deals and cheap prices. If you can't afford to buy items at its original price maybe you shouldn't be shopping at all. Better yet maybe you shouldn't be living. Is it because your spoiled piece of shit non- appreciative kid will whine and cry and throw a tantrum if you don't get him that 62" flatscreen he wanted? Don't worry he will still complain that it doesn't have the 3-D feature.

How about this, buy that fat fuck a lawn mower or a snowblower, so he won't a total waste of life and actually be able to compete with Jose' for a job in a couple years. I'll bet you put more energy in the sex you did to produce your blob of a child than he has his whole 12 years of living.

You know what my daughter is getting for christmas? 4 hens and a pitchfork and a peice of plywood with a box of screws. Maybe if she is real good I won't make cut all the firewood this year. That is how I do it. If she bitches about the screws being flathead instead of phillips head then I will send in the woods with a sling shot and some rope and will not be able to come back until she provides us with 2 meals of meat.

So there it is folks, don't give into the corporate advertisements and grow a fucking spine and discipline your sorry ass kids and you won't have to get trampled at walmarts for chinese made products that will poison you with lead.
Uploaded 11/23/2012
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