Screw you Dennys franchise owner from WPB, FL.

In the words of one of the greatest hip hop artists known to mankind, Jay Z, Can I Get A FUCK YOU for John Metz. This man is CEO of RREMC, who operates 48 locations total, 40 Dennys and a few Dairy Queens and is the sole franchisor of Hurricane Grill and Wings.

This douchey fuck is all pissy that he will have to shell out more insurance for full time employees so he is going to add an "Obamacare Tax" to all the patrons receipts. He said if the patrons don't like the tax they can tip the server less. On top of that he will be reducing their hours to under 30 a week.

Now his company isn't the only one lowering his workers hours. Applebees, Papa Johns, Red Lobster, Olive Garden, and Jimmy Johns will be doing this as well in the new year.

Basically this is a political statement. These cheap fucks don't give a tit about their empolyees well being. This is all about politics and money. Who would have thought? All though I wouldn't eat at these cookie cutter type places, because I am rich and I have a private chef who doubles as a private porn star, I do encourage you to go and give these servers money for no reason at all. Just go in there Sit down order tap water and take up tables. Then give your server 20 bucks or whatever you can afford. Their food is processed
Uploaded 11/15/2012
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