S[]Dace, a void...

The other night my girlfriend and I had the awesome idea of buying a bottle of wine, grabbing some blankets, and driving up the Virginia City foothills up past the bright lights of Reno. Once we were there we set up our little blanket and laid on the hood of the car and just looked at the stars and drank wine.

As we gazed in to the open void, we started contemplating just how small we were. We started comparing the size of ourselves and the universe.

It never fails...every time we look to the night sky each and every one of us has to ask, "Is there really something else out there? Is someone 50 billion miles away looking directly into our eyes and pondering the same exact thing on another planet, but has no clue that we even exist?"

which brings me to the next segment of my blog:

I love the thought of space; the emptiness and lonlieness intrigues me. Every time I watch Starship Troopers or Starwars I am amazed at the fact that there might be something out there for us to explore.

On the first level of Halo when Master Chief is aboard Cairo Station, there is a part of the level in which you can spacewalk. a few calculated jumps here and there will get you so that you can walk around the entire station. Call me a nerd, but this is my favorite part of the game. I've spent hours listening to Incubus and just walking around on the station looking at the amazing graphic interpretations of space and earth. I marvel at the fact that a future in outter space is a very real possibility; I marvel even more at the theoretical places we could find.

If you could do it, would you? where would you want to go? what would you want to find?

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