Seeking Secondary Adoption

Just a note before you read,  I am in an exceptionaly bad mood this morning and this is mainly a vent/rant/release. Do not feel you need to read this as it will more than likely be quite long. But you will probably learn quite a bit about the person behind the sea serpent.

well I am adopted,  I have known this fact my entire life and it is clearly noticed if you hang around my family much.  My brother is also adopted and holds no blood relation to myself or my parents.  

When growing up, you dont notice a whole lot about the flaws your family has.  Hell, you have lived with them for so long you just get used to it.  I moved out when I was 18 and moved in with my now wife.  After working minimum wage hard labor jobs, I decided it was time to get my shit strait and go to school.  So I went to school.....and it broke me....and part time work and fulltime schooling wouldnt allow for myself and my wife to get a place of our own and so I requested to move back in with my family with her and just live in the addition that was put on the house years previous. We thought hey, we have our own door into the addition, we have our own space, we can come down here when we dont want to deal with their shit......and although we can sometimes do that it didnt really work out how we thought.

We have been there a year, mind you I am still pretty young, I am 21 and my wife is 19...I am sure that will suprise a few of you, but hey its the truth. 

My wife has always hated my immediate family and all the family on my dads side.  I now also hate them. I dont mean hate in that they annoy me and I wish they would leave me sir!  I mean as soon as I can we are gone and they will not see or hear from me for years because I cannot kill them and not be blamed for their deaths or dissaperances kind of hate.

Lets start with my mother, I can get allong with her the best and I feel somewhat sorry for her because of the shit she puts up with from the other two members of my family. She is however nosy as hell and gossips like crazy. Nothing and I do mean nothing is ever kept a secret from anybody and everybody knows your buisness before you even get a chance to tell anybody. An example,  I recently got a job working for IBM, after 20 days on the job I was given a promotion and the title team lead for IMAC support. I thought it was pretty damn good for only being there 20 days.  The next day LOADS of people were congratulating me when I had only told two people, my wife and my mother. and that is how it is with everything that gets said or even overheard. And her biggest flaw is the fact that she still babies my brother!

I will get to my brother in a second. My father, is a two faced, rediculously cheap, packrat of a person.  He is a pastor, and yea I was forced to go to church and private christian school for 18 fucking years....needless to say I dont believe in that bullcrap any more and I am much happier without it.  Not badmouthing you if you believe because I strongly believe in "to each his own" but it just isint for me.  Whenever anyone in my family was accused fo something he always jumped against the family and always expected that we did what was said we did.  He does not keep food in the house but then when he buys food he sets up a budget but buys like 20 cans of diced tomatoes because they were on sale and doesnt get too much else, then says there is plenty of food in the house...ya know I really dont need to go farther into it because its rediculous. The biggest flaw he has is that he is suck a packrat.  He has gone through the trash and pulled out things like moldy straberries because and I quote "there are parts that are still good" they go back in the fridge, nobody eats them and they become a rotten strawberry goo that has then leaked all over the fridge and is nasty as hell. Things like that happen all the time. He doesnt wash dishes, he doesnt do laundry, he doesnt fix anything in the house, and when he cooks he somehow manages to dirty every pot that is available to make one dish, then bitches that the place is a mess!  I could seriously make an entire blog about just him and it would be rediculously long, seriously glad that I do not have blood relation to that.

Finnaly there is my brother,  He is like the catalyst for every thing that goes on in the house. It is almost always his fault.  He is 19 years old, he does nothing all day, He wakes up mid day, goes into the bathroom for an hour, (Does not take a shower because the water never turns on while he is in there) he then moves into a combination of watching tv, eating, being on the computer, or playing video games, he then spends the rest of the day doing that or arguing with my dad because my dad is pissed that he does nothing all fucking day and does not even attempt at cleaning anything or looking for a job. He is probably close to three hundred pounds in weight and everything is done for him by my parents, and I do mean everything, He will still cry and whine like a child if he doesnt get his way and my parents dont want to hear him bitching so they give him what he wants.

Myself and my wife have cleaned that entire house, the refrigerator, I installed two new ceiling fans to make the room look nice, I fixed the vent fans in the bathrooms, and countless repairs and in two weeks time everything is back to looking trashy!  We cleaned out the refrigerator throuwing away things that expired as far back in 1992 and got bitched at for throwing out good food!

We pretty much keep to ourselves, We buy our own food and keep it in our room, we do our own laundry with our own detergent that we go out an buy, and pretty much anything else that is ours we take care of ourselves.  I pay my dad 200 bucks a month rent and I take care of most of the repairs and maintenance inside and outside of the house. 

I just dont think we should be treated the way we are being treated and I am hoping when my friend gets back from his advanced training, I will finnaly be able to take off out of that hell hole and not look back for quite some time.

I again apologize for putting all of you through that but I needed to get that out of my system somewhere. Thanks for listening folks,

This has been another moment from,GodLiberator

tl;dr: I hate my family, thank jeebus I am adopted!

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