Self-Centered Bastards Must Die!!!

We live in a world where most people are close minded, selfish and worryless about others. We are sourrounded by careless assholes who only think of themselves and dont give a shit about what consequence their actions have on others. I know, Im getting carried away and I should calm down before that vein on my neck explodes with bloody anger.


See, living downtown is awesome because I have everything near me, transportation, food, stores, hang outs, tim hortons(cant live without and Iced Cappuccino a day). On the other hand it also mean passing in front 8 beggars anytime I go out for my cold coffee or for groceries. It means 2 losers beating up each other over a bad extasy pill (refer to prev blogs) in my backyard. It also means people invading my property. Thats the one im most pissed about.


My apartment door goes right outside, no halls, nothing. I have some sort of a front yard. A crappy one really but its mine! Theres no grass on there, just concrete tiles you would use to make a patio. There is no fence separating this almost front yard of mine from the sidewalk.


The building on my left is owned by a (free) gay pride magazine. The owner keeps on putting his garbage bags and recycling on my front  yard, like Im not suppose to mind looking at his shit from my living room, like Im not suppose to smell it through my window. The other day I got mad, took his garbage and threw it in front of HIS door. He got a dose of his own medecine and yesterday, trash day, he had put those bags elsewhere.


Since I have no fence and no nothing on my front yard but a tree, lots of people feel free to come under my tree to smoke a cig, talk on their cell phones and stuff. Every week I have to encounter some brainless asshole who doesnt understand hes invading my porperty. I have to open my front door and kindly ask them to fuck off. A lot of these jerks and jerkettes look shamelessly inside my apartment like this window is mirrored and I cant see them staring at me in my pajamas. Its just like when youre at a red light and the guy in the next car picks his nose and eats the buggar like he was NOT sourrounded by windows in his wheeled-box...


So Ive decided to put a huge-ass sign in front of my house:

- No loitering

- No mormons

- No dogshit

- No salesperson

- No garbage on the premises

- All bikes locked on this tree will have their tires slashed and their mothers raped

- No peeping Tom, If you look inside, I will blast you with a super soaker filled with piss

- If we dont know each other and I didnt ask you to come over, just fuck off to avoid brutal confrontations and/or death

Uploaded 05/27/2009
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