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Recently some of the worst bloggers, or better yet - spammers of the Blogs section - started to use the expression "quality bloggers." I call them spammers because I personally think that whining about someone's own life failures or writing tips for something they know shit about don't fit this section. It's a humor site after all. It's not Facebook or Twitter. It's not a group therapy for divorced people, either.

It's the more funny when they call themselves quality bloggers. Not because they usually don't write anything that would even qualify for a blog, not to mention having the quality of being quality (that's some wordsmithery right here).

The thing is - these people are proud of being "accepted" to an ELITE group of bloggers on Ebaumsworld. A website full of trolls, spammers and perverts. It's like calling yourself Quality User of Public Transport.

If you wanna write something, share it with us. You don't have to be accepted by any group. If you wish to share your thoughts, by all means do so. By writing a blog where you post tips for "blog newbies", you only make yourself look like a hall monitor or shit like that.

Here's an example. I'm a Quality User of Public Transport. I'm very attractive, smell nice, wear quality clothes and don't talk out loud when riding a bus. I'm so elite. Me and other people who are in our high-society group often tell other people riding with us how awesome we are and that we accept each other. There's a long way for them to achieve our status.

Edward Furlong is my favorite actor.
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