Separation of Church and State

The reasons for separating Church and State in a free society are obvious. In some countries it seems religion not freedom is what is demanded. I'm  not quite clear on why a society that enjoys freedom feel it is their duty to stop a religious society from continuing. In fact the harder the west tries the more religious states solidify.  

Then there are the Islamic who come to western societies  that want Sharia law in our freedom society. Why doesn't everyone just stay within their own preferred society and mind their own business? Neither conversion will proceed peacefully and neither will succeed. Stop trying to force squares into circles.
 The best reason I can come up with in regards to keeping the Church out of State matters in a free society is so that  the individual is not forced to adopt a behaviour or restriction that inevitably occurs when under the rule of an organized religion. 

But the fucked up part now in the Western world, is that the State has been captured by Science, Corporatism, and political ideologies who's power and constraints on free society is becoming far more restrictive and damaging than what can be accepted or sustained.

The new motto should be, "The Separation of  Organization and State"  No more lobbyist wining and dining State officials. No more funds for any group of  do gooders, environmentalist, feel good projects, banker bailouts, foreign aid etc.  If a free society wants to be part of such projects let them do it on their own. They'll be much more careful with the funds and it won't become politically tainted.

The Government should enforce the laws, protect the borders, provide means for trade with foreign nations and be good examples to citizens. Everything else the people can decide for themselves how things should be done depending on their needs and circumstance. 

Unfortunately, the whole World is going in the opposite direction with our daily lives now being decided by people as far removed from us as officials in the UN, World Bank, International Monetary fund, World Health Organization and NATO.  Instead of having one Church taking over our governments we now have dozens all ripping us apart for a pound of flesh. 

Uploaded 04/17/2012
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