I wrote a blog the other day about racism and in it and remarked that I would not say African American unless I get to be called Scotch American and I received a couple inbox messages stating I was, as one put it "a racist piece of shit" and the other called me a "classic old guy who will not change his mind". I like the second much better but hey call me anything but Shirley, now I would have just copy paste the inbox but I think that stuff is private and as I told both of them "Racism" is alive and still wrong in the good ole U.S.A. but it is getting better and that in MY opinion when we start calling each other these so called PC names, in this case it smacks of SEPARATISM. Now everybody is welcome to inbox me and if you do, you will find I am pretty good about getting back to you but maybe if these things are discussed in an open forum (like the blog section) we just may get closer to the actual truth of this as well as other so called touchy subjects.  HEY, everybody EXCEPT BFP2 have a great 4Th of July, OK I am kidding BFP2 can also have a great 4Th.


Thanks for reading Bohank and as of now I have 8 fingers and 2 thumbs but we are going to shoot off a couple hundred dollars worth of fireworks so ask me later.

Uploaded 07/03/2009
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