Seriously betch??

So i get on facebook about 10 minutes ago, and don't leave comments about how dumb you htink facebook is,�i don't care, get over it. and i find on my news feed on my home page that kelly wrote the following on brian's wall:

Briii ! aw today was fun pook && that stupid little bitch can make fun of me all she wants because who are you with? oh right that is me =] ,not her. love ya babe cant wait til tonight !

Seriously? is that where your going? and then i go to her profile and her status reads:

Kelly *** is yeah keep laughing sweatheart, because it is me that won =.]

ooook kelly, i don't know what brian told you, but i never wanted to get back together with him, i don't know what competition she won but whatevss...

now this is a hard thing for me to back down from, but i can understand that what she heard was very very hurtful, and i'd feel�the same instead of broadcasting my feelings over the internet (this doesn't count lol) i messeged her saying:

ok wow kelly, you obviously heard what brooke said about you. just want you to know that all i said was, "guys that's brians girlfriend outside the door" and nothing eles, brooke said the rest, she can be a huge bitch. seriously, you can have him, i'm really not jealous and have already moved on... and not that it matters but i really have nothing against you

stupid cunt tryna start shit. and like the loving friend she is, one of my best friends, steph,�commented on her status:

seriously, you're the only one who would take a scum bag like him back... and she's not your sweatheart.

and shortly after:

btw amanda has herpes and it normally takes a couple weeks to start to show, so keep a look out and maybe see a doctor or something because Brian fucked Amanda alot, like alot, dirty pig sex. it was hot. just being a good citizen an warning you. :)

and one last time:

oh haha and one last thing, if you think you 'won' because you got the guy back who was cheating on you for two months, then there are bigger issues. Shes the one who 'won' by ridding herself of harry potter (steph always thought he looked like harry potter, which he sorta does). You know hed still be fucking her and ditching you to hang out wiht her if Amanda hadn't found out he never dumped you.

and i had nothing to do with those�3 comments, so don't start bashin me about how mean they are...i was the one trying to make ammends here :)

can someone say catfight?

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