Servant, Girl, Temple


Emilio and Mark to the friends Pontus and Sixteen hurry. The friends' garden they enter. The servants they greet. Servants greet the boys. Boys first friends seek in the garden. The friends not they find. Mark himself to two servants turn and ask: "Where are Pontus and Sixteen?" Servants don't know. But Pontus and Sixteen, the twins, to Emilio and Mark suddenly appear. Loudly they shout. All now happy are. Soon Emilio and Mark with friends Pontus and Sixteen leave the garden. To school they hurry.



Boys to school arrive. Through the gate they enter. Magister in school teach. Magister now disciples the map show. On the map Rome and Roman provinces they see. Romans many and large provinces have. Among known Roman provinces are Britannia, Gaul, Hispania, Achaia, Macedonia. Roman people's language is the latin language. Britannia is a small province. Hispania and Gaul are large provinces. Achaia ain't no island. It's a peninsula. Ain't Hispania a peninsula? Yup. Italia's got a boot's shape.



In school boys and girls to write learn. Disciples on their tables sentences write, which magister from his book recite. So to write they learn. The magister's eyes black are. Dressed in pure toga he is. With benign words disciples he laud, when correctly they write. Magister to disciples today say: "Give me your tables!" Disciples to magister tables give. Magister tables takes and letters check. Sixteen's and Pontus' letters high pulchritude have. Mark's letters ugly are and ain't equally large: some too small, others too large are. Magister to the boys tables return, first to Sixteen and Pontus, then Mark. He says: "Pulchritudily you write, Sixtie and Pontie! But your letters, Markie, I ain't in no way powerful to read. Not well you write!"

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