Sex lives of the 20-somethings

I have been reading a lot of sex blogs recently. Purely for research you understand.

The thing that is the most surprising about these blogs is that the majority of them are written by women. Oh, the ones written by men are pathetically dull and uninteresting. I want to buck that trend.

The first thing that I want to point out is that I LOVE sex. I love everything about it. My friends are different from me, they hate talking about it. A little warning for you: this is all real, i promise. It will get graphic. very VERY graphic. If you can't handle it. go away. stop reading, i meant it. play a game or something. do anything but read this. Ok, lets start.

I had my first full sex when I was 17. I had done all the other stuff, oral sex , finger fucking and all that teenage cockteasing bullshit that most of us go through before popping our cherries.

I was going out with a girl called Amanda, she was ok but a little too withholding for me. I toughed it out though, i would get there in time. I always told myself that.

Amanda was finishing her work one saturday and I waited for her to walk her home. I went to her house and got myself ready to go to the movies. I liked to get ready first as she took about an hour in the shower and then another two hours getting ready. that annoyed me sometimes about her.

Anyway. I went to her kitchen to grab a coke from the fridge when her mom came in. I got on well with her mom. she was really funny and the ulimate milf. We sat in her livingroom talking about music and movies and shit like that. She leaned over to get a cigarette from the table. as she was getting up, she saw me checking out her rack. She asked me if I was looking at her tits. My face went bright read and I downed that can of coke. no going back now. "Yes, sorry" i said.

She came over and grabbed me by the hand. she took me to her room and I threw her down to the bed. It was cheesy as hell but I think she must've liked it as she pulled down my jeans ad started sucking my dick. she moved her panties to the side and put me inside her. we were fucking so loudly that we had to put our hands over each others mouths to stop Amanda from hearing. it was over in about ten minutes which seemed to suit her fine. We tidied ourselves up and heard Amanda coming out of the shower.

I came out of her mom's room and said "I don't think there's anything wrong with your door, it just needs some WD-40 on the hinges". I'm still pretty impressed by that to this day.

After the movie, we went back to my place where she eventually aggreed to have sex with me. we were up all night long just fucking, fucking and fucking. Two generations in the same night. Score.

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