Sex, Love, and Loyalty

Be warned, you will probably be offended.



I wanted to write this blog because of WhyNot’s situation and everyone going against him. WhyNot and I totally agree when it comes to love, sex, and loyalty. Just because he’s younger doesn’t mean that he’s immature about relationships. Just because he has a different view than you others doesn’t mean that he’s immature. I think relationships shouldn’t be all about sex. Yes, sex is important, and I think a long-term relationship would suffer without it but if sex is the only thing holding a relationship together then it will NEVER last.



Why are relationships beginning to suffer? Sure, if you want to mess around, that’s your business and like I’ve said many other times, it’s your body and you choose what you want to do with it. I just can’t stand the fact that WhyNot expressed his opinion on loyalty and wanting to have sex out of love and everyone bashed him down on it, saying that he was young and immature and he’s in the “puppy dog love” stage. God forbid that he wants a relationship that’s more than just fucking around. Real relationships deal with 3 major things: Trust, love, and compromise. You should be able to confess your deepest darkest secrets to this person without him/her judging you- you can tell them your hopes and dreams, fears, passions and talents…you can’t get that out of one-night-stands. I love being able to express myself to my fiancé. Sometimes you really just need someone to talk to and I am grateful I have someone who will be with me through hard times and good times.


These men who just “fuck around with a bunch of women” don’t care about you- at least not past the “having sex” part. What happens when the sex ends? You become boring and he wants to “see other people”. What’s the point in that? Not to mention that some women (not all) are just fucking stupid. They don’t use protection and they wonder why they wake up with an STD with baby on the side.



I don’t care if any of you say I’m immature because I know I’m not. I’ve only slept with one man and I wouldn’t want it any other way. He knows me inside and out (literally). He knows what I want in life and we share the same hopes and dreams. We will be holding each other up even when others are trying to pull us down because that’s what true love is always about. I’m never going to have to have the conversation of “I just slept with the secretary” because I trust my fiancé and I trust myself. Anyone can say “shit happens, he’ll cheat” but I know in my heart that it won’t happen and I would never cheat on him. Know why? Because we both know how BADLY we would hurt each other and we are way too in love to do that to each other. People who cheat really don’t love each other.


Marriage, love, sex, and loyalty are slowly dying out in our culture and it’s being replaced with meaning sex, infidelity, and divorce. Like I said before, it’s your body, do as you wish, want what you want but I know that my relationship will stand the test of time, hardships, hatred, and even death.

Uploaded 08/25/2008
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