Sex Offenders and Child Molesters

Okay, this got me thinking a little bit. I want to share a story with you so let's all gather around the fire. Have the marshmellows? Good, let's begin.


Around two years ago, a good friend of mine (we'll call him Mike) fell in love with a girl (we'll call her Gertude because that's the uglist, non-profane name I could think of right now). I have to start out saying that Mike and Gertude are by NO MEANS smart. I know that they are both STUPID people. Anyhoo, she was 15 and he was 17. Only 2 years age difference so you can't say "well, he was in high school and she was in junior high". Yeah, it's only two years. Gertude was a huge slut. I mean, by age 15, she had slept with 20 or so men and I am giving her the benefit of the doubt. My friend wanted an easy lay. Good for him. That's his life.


Anyway, so he has a birthday and turns 18. One day, Gertude's parents find out that she's having sex with Mike. I'm not sure if her parents walked in on them or what the fuck happened. But anyway, the little bitch said that he pressured her into doing it and once her parents heard that, they pressed charges for statutory rape. She sat behind him in court and laughed the entire time. Literally. I'm not joking. She LAUGHED AT LOUD at him. He learned soon after that she had done this to two previous boyfriends. So, Mike became a sex offender.


He spent his time in jail and he spent his time in community service. He attended all his seminars to "accept his guilt and put the blame where it belonged- on him". These seminars would make you say that you were the one to blame and that you were entirely at fault. Because of this bitch, he was unable to find an apartment, a job, and he couldn't even attend the park with his friends. One day, we said fuck it and a group of us bought subway and went to the park. There was a security guard circling the park the entire time.


He stayed with his parents at their house but suddenly, his neighbors didn't want to talk to him anymore. The police had handed his picture out to everyone and he even got some hate mail and vandalism. Why? Because his victim said "female minor" on the bottom and on the sex offender website, it said his victim was "female child". He wasn't a child molester and the charge against him was BULLSHIT!


Now, do you really think that Mike got what was coming to him? Do you really think that he deserved that label or the hatemail or the constant watching? After all, he loved the slut. I don't think it's fair that people can say all sex offenders should go to jail when some sex offenders labels mean, basically, nothing. There are different tiers to sex offenders too. Tier one is minor stuff (like peeing in public), tier two is a little worse and tier three is the big stuff (like rape and sexual assult). Mike told me that even if he did his crime over and over, he still could never be a tier three.


So no, I don't think that all sex offenders should be locked away. The judge sided with the slut and that is that. Mike happened to bone the wrong girl. Don't get me wrong, some sex offenders should be locked away (like tier 3) but tier one people don't deserve that shit. Mike got the short end of the stick. They let rapists out of jail for less.



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