Sex with Strangers

It was a long day at work and I was beat. I wanted to go home, soak my feet and sip a glass of wine. I was going to take a shortcut to my car through an alley. It was pretty dark so I walked pretty fast.

As I was going through the alley someone pulled on me and pushed me to the ground and tried to rob me. I decided to make a deal with him so he wouldn't kill me since I had no money. I said I'd have sex with him for a year in exchange for my life. He hesitated, then said, “You got a deal.” He would meet me in the alley every night, blindfold me, and take me to his place.

He did all kinds of freaky things to me. He had this weird harness that you hung on the ceiling, and he would strap me in and eat my boy pussy till I jizzed all over his bed. He would cuff me to the bed and fuck my shit pincher till I passed out.

Sometimes he would invite 4 friends over. Two fiends would fuck me in the taint spot at the same time, two friends tearing my man twat up and the guy from the alley had his dick down my throat.

Even though the sex was supposed to last a year, it lasted 3 more years because we ended up dating.

Uploaded 08/13/2008
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