I dont know what the fucking world is coming to anymore. Ten years ago you could make an off color joke about a females cloths or even slap there ass every once and a while maybe cop a feel or two. But the reason that im so pissed off right now is that I got suspended from school for 8 days. Now I have been suspended before but thats for good reasons like drugs in school or cutting class, but the reason I am suspended this time is just fucking stupid. I go to a technical high school the name if it is North Shore Tec. The students in the Graphic Arts program there were making a video around the school just going into the shops and video tapeing the students there doing what they do. I thought it was for some shitty little project  because the freshmen were doing it. So as a freshmen was recording my friend working I was in the back round of this whole thing grabbing my crotch as a joke everyone was laughing and the poor freshy had no idea what was going on. So a week went by and the thought had not even passed my mind that in todays society that is fucking SEXUAL HARRASMENT. A girl was recording it and when the teacher went to edit the video she saw it. Now it turns out that this video was not a shitty little freshmen video. The video was going to go around the state to show people our school. So what do I find out today that im in a fuck load of trouble. The V.P. tells me that im suspended for 8 days and that he is talking to the cops if the cops think im a threat I will be a registered sex offender. Its funny how 10 FUCKING YEARS AGO WE COULD SMACK A CHICKS ASS BUT NOW I CANT GRAB MY FUCKING OWN CROTCH!!! I just hate what the world is coming to.TRIZZ.       

Uploaded 03/25/2010
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