Sexual nighmares about an old experience with my father...

Even though I worte a blog a few hours ago I would like to tell someone about a reoccuring nightmare. The weird thing is this really happened. When I was only 9 years old my dad left my mom. He said this was going to be the last time I was going to speak to him since I now realize there was no divorce because he was never married. Well anyway he sat me down on my bed and started to rub my leg in a weird way. I remember saying "daddy what are you..." then he put his pointer finger over my lips. As he was doing that he started to slip down my shorts then he took off his own pants. He then pulled out his penis and made me touch it. After this he got hard and he told me to grip it harder he then showed me how to jerk it off. He told me to stay quiet and to continue the motion. About 5 mins into this he then took off my shirt and flipped me over he then spread my butt cheaks and put his finger in my asshole. He told me to reach back and to continue to jerk him off at first I didn't then he grabbed my arm. So I continued to jerk him off and this continued for about 8 to 10 mins. He then turned me over and let out a groan he was starting to jerk his own penis and leaned foward and busted all over my face. After this he put my bed sheets in the wash and told me to take a shower. Sadly that was the last I have seen of my dad. What I was wondering was should I seek help about the nightmare because they have only started recently about one or two months ago.

Uploaded 08/17/2008
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