Shades history RIP

Lately have noticed the demise of the whole shades thing. If you care to read the history of the Shades you are probably a bigger loser than me....

Back in 2002 a group of homosexual friends got together at their mom's house. They thought it would be cool to find out what things they could catch in their ass. The Shades started catching small things like dildo's and small vegetables until a visionary came along named Clark Kent. Clark Kent, one of their founding members, dared go where no fag has gone before and caught a laptop computer with his ass.  They though they would promote gayness with there new trick. The showman went to parades, Marches and Elton John concerts until one missed throw caught Clark Kent in the Eye. Hence forth they all wear shades from that point on to honor Clark and his sacrafice to the Gay Community. Throughout the years, Clark Kent will be known as a legend in the homosexual community.


    I have getting a lot of replies to this blog and thought I would update.  I'm sorry if your battle for gay rights isn't quite going the way you would like but you can still get married in Canada. Please quit taking this shades movement so seriously... It isn't really that cool to put shades on an avatar and I could really give a shit less. I'm glad that the shadeless have put most of your stupid shades comments back in the closet and this site can go back to normal again.

Thank You


If you don't like these comments go cry to your mom or call your local senator,quit crying to me

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