Shades vs Dildozer vs The New Monocle Nation

I am going to start a group of avatars with shaded monocles.  Then there will be a true 3 party system.  However, we will be an extremely racist lot.  Please take note of the following: 

No blacks, whites, jews, spanish, latinos, muslims, islams, catholics, protestants, methodists, episcopalians, english, irish, micks, germans, kykes, latvian orthodox, middle easterners, russians, pollocks, checks, wops, degos, koreans, japs, chinese, spics, phillipinos, malaysians, eskimos, or croatians.

Especially no nords, swedes, or fins.  And I can not stress this enough....................... NO BLOODY FRENCH!    

We don't care for gun nuts, war mongers, pacifists, hippies, environmentalists, or homos (lesbians OK if not in any of the other categories and you're hot). 

No liberals and most certainly no conservatives.  No dems or GOP's.  No handicappers, no one that has had any surgery of any kind, and no allergies are permited for membership.

If you think that any of the following are "hilarious": Dane Cook, "the redneck comedy tour", Tyler Perry, or Jeff Dunham; do not apply. 

If you meet all of those requirements, please join our group.  Hope to see you there!


Dr. Roman Gorgeous

P.S. If you enjoy the work of Jimmy Buffett, Kenny Chesney, Aerosmith, or Rainbow (without Ronnie James Dio)...piss off.  

P.S.S.  You'll notice my avatar does not have the shaded monical.  I didn't make the cut.  Even I am not above the rules of The Order.

Uploaded 11/13/2009
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