It appears that a few users have started a club held exclusively to those who have avatars with sunglasses. They call themselves the "shades" or something faggy like that. All 9 of them think they have the power to over throw the peace within the comment boards. Their attempts have thus far failed miserably. The only power they posses it thumbing user comments up or down. I made sure that the leader was punished by placing an IP ban on his account. I have also made sure that their group was torn down. 

Let me make this perfectly clear to all you sunglass wearing, conformist douche bags out there... You have no power, the curators of this chancery hold all the cards. Anything you try to do to disrupt the flow will be dealt with swiftly and efficiently. The moderators have been forewarned to your actions and your agenda. They are under strict orders to hunt you down and remove you from our website. There will be no second chances for you. You who conform to disrupt the peace are the worst kind of troll. Your actions not only take attention away from the advertisers who pay the bills but you deter other users from enjoying the site. 


To the moderators... You are not required to follow protocol when dealing with one of these users. Do what you must, your actions will not be questioned. We have all seen this before and we all know how easily their spirits are crushed. Find them and remove them.



~ Dildozer




Uploaded 11/12/2009
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