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Why is it that people are so afraid of their friends going to another web site? They start up sites and then ask friends to come over and blog or upload. Then somebody starts up another site and OH GOD THEY ARE EVIL people for doing the same thing that got their site up and running. I think about a nameless site and how did we find out about it? YES from word of mouth, I dont know who was spreading the info about them when they first started but it was done through inbox for the most part. I told more than a couple people about it myself.

Did you notice the horror of it all that people go to both sites and nobody is getting hurt by this action. I for one like to visit other sites but I dont want to spend all my time on just one site anymore than I want to spend it ONLY at Ebaums. Most of the regulars on here know Stright jacket girl and she is a great addition to any web site and if you are a regular then you know all of us bloggers love to spread the B/S we go around to different web sites to just blog. Well I hope Ebaum is above all the childish B/S but SJG has started a site for her friends to go to and blog and screw around and guess what, she doesnt care where you go, to her place or anywhere. She just wants her friends to stop by and talk to her and spend a little time and see what she did all by herself.   Here is the link and I hope it doesnt get taken down because NOBODY is trying to steal ANYBODY. I will be going to Ebaums and taking a little time to visit our friend SJG and I bet although she has a new site she will still come on here becuaue face it folks Ebaums is our Home.

Go by and say hello and then get you ass back home. LOL

Thanks for reading Bohank

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