Sharia USA

One thing I haven't heard a lot of talk about since the last election has been bugging me.  I've been waiting patiently for some facet of the news to properly explain it, but it inexplicably hasn't come up.


Oklahoma passed a law that forbids state judges from using sharia to decide cases.

I had no idea Oklahoma, a state with less than 1% of its population Muslim, would have to consider such a law.  Besides, the most reprehensible aspects of sharia are already against the law here in the US.  I don't think anybody in Oklahoma was in danger of being stoned for cheating on their husbands.


What's more, most Muslim countries don't even practice sharia.  In Somalia, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, and Iran you get executed for having gay sex.  In Jordan, most of Indonesia, Turkey, and Egypt (countries just as Muslim as those previously mentioned) gay sex is perfectly legal. 


Yes, there are plenty of fucked up Muslim countries that represent human rights abortions.  I don't expect the USA to become one of them.  In fact, our Constitution forbids us from becoming Muslim.  But if Huckabee and other ultra religious righties get their way, it might not be interpreted that way.  I'm also pretty sure that these countries would still be fucked up if they were not Muslim.  Sure, Somalia would be a paradise if they just believed that some virgin lady spawned a demigod who was sent here to Earth on a benevolent suicide mission.


So anyway, one of you righties enlighten me.  Why the fuck would a state pass legislation that forbids their state judges from using sharia law to decide cases?  This is irrational, right?

Uploaded 11/13/2010
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