She does mind

She does mind, she does mind, she does mind.. cocaine.


She does mind when i leave her, she calls me back. I insist, im with jane now, back off, i could still be with both, but i dont want to. She knows i love her, she looks straight at me when she's being used by some other guy, just sitting in the table, looking at me, with her bright pale skin, and crystal eyes. "you know you want me". sure i do, but jane hangs in my pocket, blinks at me, "give me some fire baby". ok maam, ah.

I still think about my old white goddess, sometimes. My nose starts to tingle, my throat tightens, my teeth get stuck together. But jane...she's right there for me. I love jane. Still, i miss my other true love. "forget her", says Al, "she's just trouble, remember that time it almost got you to jail". yeah right, i also remember that Al was the one that introduced me to her in the first place, and every time I hang out with him and get dizzy, he tells me "hope she was around" before he makes me sick. asshole. Thanks for the memories baby.

Thanks for the readin.



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