I was talking with Strghtjckgrl on meebo today about the idiots in my section. Yesterday, I said that because of the trolls, the section is going to be replaced with eBone Poker. Almost everybody believed me. Why? I thought it's because they are stupid. But Strghtjcktgrl had a much better answer. Apparently the people who get obsessed with me are sheep. Come to think about it, she's right. Tyaeda, Rednote67, Rin - all are mindless sheep trying to get some kind of acceptance here. They act like the people they think they are. When I proved Tyaeda she's not smart or interesting, proved Rednote67 that he's not an actual musician and proved Rin she's not one of the gang, they became obsessed with me.

Now here's what happened yesterday. All the obsessed "sheep," how Strghtjckgrl accurately named them, took my bait and thought the section is gonna get replaced. They had a reason to hate on me again. Blame me for the section's demise, bla, bla,bla. That's what I aimed for.

Another thing is, these people can't stop thinking about me. Proof? They kept writing about me for the whole week, speculating about why I ignore my Blogs section. The trolls here couldn't write a decent blog (except for Tyaeda, I give her that), they kept thinking where their idol is.

So there you have it, sheep. I control you. I can do whatever I want with you. You're like GIJoe - you'll buy any shit I sell you. Now I give you the chance to whore for my attention and invite you to write hate comments to this blog. You're welcome to 1star it from alts and thumb yourself up for them. Too bad you don't know the thumb loop trick, even though I explained it in one of my blogs. It would make your life easier
Uploaded 09/18/2011
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