Yesterday I've written two blogs when I showed my support to Ron Paul, the only presidential candidate worth voting for. Of course, the majority of voters, who have been brainwashed with socialist propaganda, posted insults in my blogs. Apparently, the people who voted Obama are not only sheep, they represent the worst kind of social status - unemployed, uneducated, lacking in the use of basic grammar.

It's shameful that the people who vote for Obama are the poor, who actually accepted their status. Instead of choosing someone who would revolutionise America and give their children free education, they get mad because they had to pay for their schools (which was the reason why they didn't attend any), and since 99% of Obama voters are uneducated, they lack the ability to use their brain and realise how they are fed with bull shit by their candidate.

Now, let's post some facts:

97,8% of people who declared to vote for Ron Paul finished or attended college

Ron Paul is the candidate chosen most often by rich people, yet they realise how important it is to support the poor, because free education leads to better economy

$16,975,487,207 - this is the budget spent on the war on drugs this year. And it's May. Legalising marijuana and safe drugs like MDMA and LSD will probably lower that sum by half. 8 BILLIONS of dollars that could be spent on food stamps and free education

$1,443,413,880,623 - this is the money spent on war in the Middle East since 2001. Tha't's well over a trillion dollars. Divide it by 13 (how many years since the war started) and you have around 100 BILLION dollars each year. Money you could use on FREE HEALTHCARE. Or free cars and shit. 

Now here's something that might shock you. This money would be spent to improve the American economy, so that America would have even more money to spend next year, if Ron Paul would be president.

Still not convinced? Join the Revolution! Abdicate Obama! Vote Ron Paul!


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