Sherry, the loverap song. MATURE

Love/Rap song for my one true girl, Sherry.

Hope you like this baby, this one is for you.

Way back in highschool I knew a girl named Sherry., her ass was real tight but her balls were real Hairy.

*In comes the sick beat boxing*

One day after school she said "I have an ass for you to Finger." Thats when I just chuckled and gave her the ol' Ringer.

Ringer- When one uses a finger with lots of rings on it, during the proccess of fingering an ass hole.

*Continues the sick beat boxing*

Now you might be thinking that was a fucked up thing to Do. but things got worse when out came the Poo.

*Super sick beat box x10*

Sherry was embarassed and went home Crying. Meanwhile I had to walk home while the shit was still Drying.

*Beatboxer begins to beatbox with his ass to show off his mad skillz.*

Now some guys worry about getting the Clap, What are the odds that I would get covered in Crap.

*Beatboxer does a head stand while still beat boxing with his ass.*

My parents were real pissed when I got home from School, Because to wash off the shit I took a swim in the Pool.

*Beatboxer begins to spin on his head while continuing his sick beat box.*

The next day at school I still smelled like Shit, But Sherry had it worse cause she still couldn't Sit.

*Beatboxer starts juggling puppies with his feet while spinning on his head while still beat boxing with his ass."

After school that day I met her in the Lot, Where she was on the bench just hovering in a Squat!

*Beatboxer starts playing the harmonica with his mouth while still spinning on his head and juggling puppies and Still beat boxing with his ass.*

I confessed my love and said "for her I would climb a mountain." Just as long as her ass never spews like a Fountain.

*Beatboxer continues all of the above and begins to juggling knives with his hands.*

She was real mad and told me it was Over. Then she waddled away her ass lookin' like Grover.

*Beatboxer starts to cry a little.*

Now the moral of this story I'll get to at Last, If you wear a ring on your finger never stick it in her Ass.

*Beatboxer is dead.*

So, there is my love song. It was hard to write out because it was so personal. I feel like I have gotten rid of a lot of weight. Just like Sherry did on that fateful day.

Uploaded 10/16/2008
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