She's not hot but she is Slave Lake hot.

    The problem with Slave Lake and other small towns surrounded by an abundance of natural resources is the noticeable shortage of one natural resource. Women. There are only two reasons why women raised in small towns stay there. The first and most common reason is that they fell in love with a handsome and charming young man full of hope and promise they got drunk at a party, nine months later they had a little one and now they need help from friends and family. The other reason would be that their parents have money which creates an opportunity for them. All the other women leave as soon as possible, some sooner.
      Natural resources create a high number of unrespectable well paying jobs, predominately for men. As the women move out to make a better life for themselves in the city men move in to get a better job in the small town. Now you have a town where men substantially outnumber women.
      When a coyote gets hungry enough it will gnaw on an old rotten carcass. In much the same fashion after spending a couple months in the town of Slave Lake, a man will find themselves pawing at women who were previously undesirable. These women soon start to think that they are something that they aren't, and any man new to the town will be caught off guard by the women's attitude. Occasionally a man will stay in the town long enough to be swindled into a relationship with one of these women. This will lead to many problems and possibly an invitation to appear on Jerry Springer.
       I fear that although many men can see the problem they may not be above it. It's happened to me. I have been that hungry coyote. So if you see a man out, maybe he is with a girl that's below him. Perhaps something that isn't so attractive. Don't judge. Try to understand where he might be coming from. Maybe he lives in Slave Lake. She could be the most attractive woman in town. She might not be hot but she could be Slave Lake hot.
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