Sheza's Fuck You List 2010 Edition

For those of you who don't know, I annually (or semiannually, depending on the crap factor of the year in question) make out a list of all the people, things, and situations which need to be told where to go.  This time of year is always pretty stressful and brings to light the many things in life which, by the their sheer nature, make it that much harder to get through the day.  Let's hope that by putting them in black and white, they will either take the hint and change or (perhaps better) drop off the face of the earth entirely.  Here goes.

- road construction

- morning sickness

- pens that run out of ink at the worst possible times

- the things divorce does to children

- scantrons

- inadequacies

- boredom

- entitlement


- the show Jersey Shore and any show discussing Hitler's preferences in food, sex, and travel

- care plans

- insomnia

- people who are deliberately cruel

- self doubt

- whining

- mildew

- medical bills

- 10 page papers

- dirty dishes

- that undying drive to please everyone

- that undying drive to piss everyone off

- allergic reactions

- tight schedules

- clogged drains

- white scrub pants

- perfectionism

- apathy

- cognitive dissonance

- waterbeds

- tardiness

- patronism

- sense of impending doom

- flies of all varieties

- the price of gas

- the Mid Ohio Valley crud

- my current bank account balance

- planning weddings while flat broke (for the most part)

- rational and emotional conflicts

- Tree of Heavens (google it.  They're terrible.)

- low disk, fridge, or storage space


- uncomfortable shoes

Fuhuhuck YOU!  Mmmmm...catharsis.

Uploaded 10/14/2010
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