Sheza's Fuck You List Vol. 2

I know it's out of character and I'm always this pacifist who goes around quoting John Lennon and promoting Karma as a means of justice, but I have a few bones to pick with life in general.  I don't know if it's because I've been writing essays for six straight hours or because I am stressed out at home or something else.  I just feel the need to say FUCK YOU to the following people, situations, or things:


-soccer moms

-diaper genies

-English essays

-President Bush

-Osama Bin Laden

-all the terrorist assholes of the world

-all the assholes who ruin things for everyone else

-the asshole who decides when things are ruined for everyone else..

-the smell of formaldahyde

-the cashier in the gas station who looks at me sideways and asks me when I'm going to be done having kids

-neat freaks

-child molestors

-potty chairs

-people who think they know everything

-people who are proud of their ignorance

-people who don't ever think they've made a mistake

-green gummy bears

-baby weight

-judgmental bitches

-the words "I want" and "no"

-the institution of marriage

-name callers


-snakes of all varieties

-drama queens

-people who are intolerant

-doctors and hospitals

-dentists (except my parents)




-automatic car windows that don't work

FUCK YOU!!!!!!

I think that's it.  Feel free to add more!

Uploaded 06/28/2009
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