Shit Hit the Fan in Afghanistan

                If you havent heard about the soldier that went on a shooting spree in Afghanistan, you must be living under a rock.  I want to start off by saying that in no way do I condone what he did.  There is no justification to kill civilians.  The Rules of Engagement (ROE) do say that if you feel your life is in danger, you can shoot.  Having said that, here is my take on it.

                The guy was married with two kids.  He was a Staff Sergeant.  Hes not at the bottom of the totem pole.  He has some years in.   Hes been to Iraq three times, and left for Afghanistan this past December.  You have to wonder what happened in his head.  What made this guy leave the base, alone, fully armed in the middle of the night?  Why did he walk a few miles to a village and kill people?  Did someone launch attacks against the base from that village?  What did the chain of command know before it happened?

                Fox News said that he suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury during his first deployment.  Anyone who goes to a war zone changes while they are there.  This was his fourth deployment.  Did he need help but never seek it out?  Did he seek help but was shuffled around?  We may never know.

                The Taliban is calling for revenge.  They also called us animals who kill.  I want to point to their recent reaction to the mistaken burning of Korans.  How many people did they kill in demonstrations?  How many radical Islamists, such as the Taliban, call for the unified death of Americans and Jews?  Many Afghans are calling for the US to leave the country right now.  Ill keep my opinion about being there to myself, but lets look at what happened in Iraq after we left.  The place went into melt down just a few days later.  It will happen in Afghanistan when we leave, whenever that will be.  Its unavoidable. 

                Peace most likely will never come to the Middle East.  Look at the news today.  Syria is under a civil war.  Israel was attacked today.  Enough of my rambling.  What do you have to say?

Uploaded 03/12/2012
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