shit just got real

so about a month or 5 ago I got my wisdom teeth pulled. One on my upper left and one below it. They fucked me up buddy. I.V. in my fucking arm, injected the work site and in a minute or two I was knocked the fuck out. When I came too I was still a dizzy confused frog. I looked up an doctor was like okay your operation is all done, just let us finish etc etc. I still had iv's in me. I look to the right frogslady is walking in the door. "Is that frogslady?" "yes sir". I attempt to get out of my chair to leave with the love of my life, with iv's still in my arm. Not good.

Anyways the point of this story. The wisdom tooth they pulled on the upper put a fucking hole in my sinus. They fucking told me, oh itll heal up no problem just take these pain candies. Well like I said, months pass, and my left nostril? always clogged. I go in and im like bro, my fucking left nostril is clogged, you clowns fucked up. They xray and sure as shit theres a huge hole in my sinus still. What a bunch of fucking faggets. Now I have to get surgery again and take more pain candies.

And I been running 9+ miles a week while breathing through one nose hole. Real smart you fag boats.
Uploaded 07/24/2011
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