Shorts, Socks and Beyond

Ya know what really grinds my gears....

Ok, so here is my rant, it has to do with wearing shorts and socks, but not just that, because as everyone can assume that living up here in Wa state I to have worn socks and shoes on the occassional spring day when its warm, but not quite warm enough to let the toesies out to play in a nice pair of sandals.

My deal is with the dumb fucks that wear super long and baggy shorts and then pull their knee high socks all the way to their goddamned knees (or so I assume since their shin length shorts hide their knees) creating the same effect that PANTS provide. What the hell is the point in doing this, why not just wear pants?? The point of shorts is help you stay cool, maybe even look cool if the shorts are special, like I duno, covered in diamonds or even ones signed by Michael Jordan that you're either retarded enough to wear or too rich to care that you're destroying something signed by MJ. Or hell, maybe if you have a really cool pair of socks you want to show off, with cool designs or a graphic printed on them, but all I ever see is dark jean shorts with plain white socks.

Who else finds this as annoying and or as stupid as me? Perhaps I am alone in thinking that these 3 Part pair of pants are ridiculous. Perhaps one of these dumb fucks thats wears their shorts and socks proudly could elaborate, is there infact a purpose to this, something I am unaware of? Am I losing out on being considered super cool, or fly because I wear smaller - ankle socks when I combine them with shorts?

Whats the deal....


Uploaded 04/08/2009
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