Shout Out to Idiot Republican America

Look at the republicans, so righteous. As a moderate I have a few quarrels with Presidential campaign tactics, both left and right. This is more a joke, because look at the civil squabbling, it's the biggest joke around. I love how John McCain needs to bring in a wise-cracking, Tina Fey wanna-be to fight his battle. How in all honesty can you want to leave the country in the hands of an old, scorned old man? As if Jerry as HoH on BigBrother wasnt shitty enough? Hah. I want everyone who reads this to comment and answer whether or not they feel that America is headed in the right direction? In terms of homeland security, foreign policy and just their image on the world stage in general. I don't think that the programs that the Republican government prefers to focus on will get u out of the rut you're surely slipping into. But on a lighter note, If Sarah Palin is able to control a population of 5,469 drunk chugs(native american slur, no disrespect hah) then maybe she might stand a chance of saving the United States of America. Wasilla, Alaska; 466.8 people per square mile. Now do the math of the US combined per sq. mile. Big Difference. Her daughters a slut too. WAHAHHAH C'mon people, you don't wanna be an American Idiot, do you?

Uploaded 09/04/2008
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