Show a Blog Troll its Place.

With the new year here, many losers and fail trolls' bans are being lifted, causing the smell of shit to once again permeate eBaums air.

Usually it's easy enough to deal with these people. For instance, that annoying one we know as the teen mom who can't write was kicked off the blog section and retreated in shame to features, where she was subsequently kicked around real-time.

But as always, they itch to return to the blogs, alts in tow, in an attempt to reconstruct the sad shambles of their reputation. Most times it's with lame excuses on why they "decided" to be absent for near a damn month. I say lame due to the fact they're never absent longer than an hour or two a day without a ban, along with the fact they just switch sections when run off from here to begin with.

So now we get stuck with the same failures plus a few new annoying faces in avies, thanks to interim accounts. These makeshift personas will now fade from the media submission role and instead serve as comment backup for these humiliated losers.

So my New Year's suggestion is, like many of my mod buddies have stated, you should sit back and enjoy it. If you can't resist feeding the troll, make it worth all our while. It's easy to lure them into fucking themselves over. After all, they should be used to embarrassing bans. Sometimes they learn their lesson easier this way.
Uploaded 01/02/2013
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