Show a gay your dick day!

A few days ago Jason Collins, a basketball player, came out of the closet and announced that he is a homosexual.   In other news, 8 people died in a car bomb in Iraq, 2 in a bomb in Russia, but nobody gives a shit because neither of those happened on American soil. 

What's really important is the reaction people have to Jason's sexuality.   We would much rather read tweets, and sit there and form our own opinions about it.   It's vital that we talk about this, so we know whether or not to let him, and females for that matter, in locker rooms.  Or we can talk about what our children are learning from this - and whether that's a good message or not. 

Fuck off k?  He didn't turn gay a few days ago, he only announced it.  Which means that he was staring at penises long before anyone was ever aware.  In all likelihood, there are other homosexuals in other locker rooms right now, looking right at a penis as we speak.   If this concerns you at all, I'd really like to ask you why?  Maybe homosexual rape in locker rooms has become so rampant that we need to address this issue.  If that's the case, you should, by all means, be concerned.  Gay's are not like black people, it's much harder to pick them out of a crowd, and so it's a lot harder to hate that person based on first impressions.  These people, rapists, sinners, pussy haters, whatever you want to call them should all be round up and charged with fraud.  They should serve a day in jail (a gay man's disney land) for everyday those around him did not know about his sexuality.  How dare they trick us into thinking that they are normal human beings?

On the other hand, people are proud of Jason, and praise his 'bravery'.  Time and time again I hear people calling him "brave" for coming out.  This made me think, what's so brave about craving some dick from time to time?  If they're handing out rewards for this shit, I should at least get a letter of Thanks from one of the local politicians.  Really.... I didn't get the option to "come out" and announce my sexuality... people just assumed and I had to live my whole life without being able to choose who, or when people found out.  I know some people will say, he's not brave because he's gay, he's brave because he came out and told everyone.   To me, that's just as sad as Don Cherry pretending his opinion matters.  There really wouldn't be much need for courage if a) people weren't ignorant, and b) people didn't listen to bigots.  By calling Jason Collins brave is admitting that what people think and say matters.  Opinions from people who otherwise wouldn't think twice about Jason Collins.  Outside opinions coming from people who have absolutely no credibility in the subject.   

But since he came out despite what some people say about homosexuality, he's a brave, role model.  Fuck I wish I could become a role model in 3 words or less... "I'm gay"  I guess that's all you have to do to inspire.... something... in young people.  Sure, it teaches kids that some athletes are gay. I guess that means that you can still be the Macho Man society tells males they have to be, and take it up the ass at the same time.   How about we call him a role model, because he devoted his life to achieving a goal that most people will never gain.   There's so many kids out there who want to be professional athletes, who are all facing odds that are not in their favour, in a society that tells you that you can be whatever you want, but doesn't tell you how.  

In all reality, he could very well end up preventing kids from 'coming out' or being proud of who they are.  Personally all I got from this is; when you come out, people who you don't know you suddenly have something to say about you.  Regardless of which side of the argument people are on, to them you are "gay" first, Jason Collins second.  The fact that I'm writing about this right now is an example of that in itself.

Ultimately in life you have two options - be yourself, or be what other people want you to be.  Both have pros, both have cons.  Being either is not easy.  People will judge you, and you will never please everyone. Regardless of who/what you are, what you believe, or which way you go, we make the choice to or not to give a fuck every single day.  Probably more often than we decide what to have to eat. 
I'm not going to end this blog with a piece of advice, that would be wrong.  Now if you excuse me, I'm going to go see if my cookie monster t-shirt still fits. 
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